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HellRoy Jadziah was sitting peacefully in his snow covered garden when he received her letter. His ebony hair dancing in the cold wind, he thanked the messenger, who bowed to the mafia Lord, in awe. Not often did he went out of his own lodgement, and so not often was he seen by the public. Multiple injuries in the past few years made him scared of Asheimkai, and he surprised himself longing for Kyrial, his home country.

Closing his eyes, he tried to remember every details of the city where he had grown up.

Even as a kid, he received a severe education, where no mistake were allowed. The Jadziah family were raising geniuses upon geniuses, despite the rest of the country living in poor conditions. Those were the ways of communist Kyrial, and while he was learning in beautifully decorated class room, with his cousins, people were working for them. It didn’t appeared as a problem to him back then; it was still hardly a problem to him now, twenty years later. The Jadziah did not bothered themselves with the trouble of the peasants, and when they were angry with them, the ancient Chinese family was always winning. Something about having powerful weapons against farming tools.

The Jadziah were not the only prized family in Kyrial, and so, growing up, HellRoy made a friend. Johanna Hope was his age and they were studying music together, soon creating beautiful harmonies. He always thought she had the voice of a mermaid, enchanting his very soul. The young boy fell in love with her, and his affection was pure. He looked at her in a way that was never seen in his family, as the Jadziah were as cold as ice and had, most of the time, arranged wedding.

Luckily, Johanna loved him back and their secret love story was blossoming innocently, as they were only tween then. Exchanging kiss was a dangerous pleasure, and although he was nervous, having her for himself made him happy.

His love for her did not wittered over the year, and even still today, he surprised himself when thinking about her in a kind way. He would not speak about Johanna, yet hold treasure that would remind him of her gentle nature.  The smell of the sea was bittersweet, as it was her, and he stopped going near the water as it was always making him feel a sharp pain in his heart.
Growing older with her, they exchanged more than just kisses. Being not married, this was considered a sin yet, the young man did not cared. He’d find a way to marry Johanna, and live happily with her.

Tragedy stroke them, as it always does to young lovers, when the woman became pregnant. Suddenly, the Jadziah did not cared anymore for all his wealth, all his attention going for his yet to be born child.  Johanna was not so keen, however, knowing that she could never marry her lover. Life was not gentle in that way. She did had her son, as a last sign of love for the Jadziah, who plead her to keep it.

Keros Yüeh Jadziah was born and it was all that mattered anymore for the taciturn. The aristocrat was thrown out of Kyrial when he refused to give away his bastard. Running away to Asheimkai, he did had the support of his father, who refused to abandon his only son, and now, grandson. Love sometime show itself in dark moment.
Ultimately, he did went back to Kyrial, years later, to marry again and had a second son; Jin. It was mostly as a thank you to Sekishusai, his father. He offered the Jadziah an heir, as Keros could not do it (and as HellRoy would not let him). He now could go to his home country as much as he wanted, but even back in the capital, did not see Johanna again.
He opened his eyes and, finally, the letter.

Some kind loving words from the Hope, who acted as a balm on his broken heart. He did not wanted so see her anymore, as even the only memory of her figure was painful, but the letter made him come to term with his past.

Leaving the garden, he went to a temple, further away on his huge property. In front of a giant altar, he lit up incense stick, bowing down to the gods, his face on his hands, directly on the cold floor. He prayed to Sìhǎi Lóngwáng, dragon lord of all oceans, to protect his mermaid even out of is watch, even after all this years. Outside, rain was now pouring down, maybe as an answer, maybe as a proof that his request would be fulfilled.

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