Late at night. (Solo)

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Late at night. (Solo)  Empty Late at night. (Solo)

Message par Nô Kotasu le Mar 1 Mar - 15:26

‘’Good evening, my dear listener…’’

Nô Kotasu was sitting in his chair, starring at his own reflection in the windows. It was late, and the moon was full: a night of mystery, just how he liked them. Leaning forward his microphone, he started his news report, his voice soft and sweet, just like honey:

‘’Some strange things occurred today… I’m sure you all noticed, you’re so observant after all.’’

Asheimkai was a very lively city, and there was always some news to broadcast. Because of this, there were two reporter; Akatsuki, who was a very bubbly boy during the day, and Nô at night for a more… Mature audience.

‘’Some kind of sect promoting hate and harm danced in the streets. Now of course, just like Aka-Tan always say… We must all love each other, let’s not spread hateful messages…''

He light a cigarette, puffing on it before continuing his tale.

‘’But let's be real...Their dance moves were amazing, were they not? I almost went outside myself to enjoy this little demonic party, fufu…’’

The androgynous man did not know if there was anyone listening to what he was saying, but he did not care. He was speaking alone most of the time anyway… He believed in ghost and other strange creatures that would listen to him because he was somewhat one of them. Maybe a demon of some sort?

A friendly one, of course.

‘’I have to say… The temperature this week is just AWFUL. I enjoy the summer more than anyone else! There’s nothing like a nice day at the ocean to enjoy some COCA-COLA™!

He smiled. Advertising was TOO easy. He hated Coca-Cola…. More money in his pocket none the less.

‘’Let’s get… Personal.’’

Again, he placed the cigarette between his lips, letting the comfortable silence fill the room.
Enjoying the smoke, he waited a little while before asking.

‘’What is the most horrible thing you’ve ever done?’’

Of course, he had to tell a little story of his own.
Show the example to all his dear listeners.

‘’It was a few years ago. I was hanging out with… Kaarasu and Usui.’’

. . .

‘’We were chilling at Usui’s place, that day. And we wanted to barbecue something. Everything will barbecue, right?’’

. . .

‘’Literally everything will barbecue, I assure you lovely listeners.’’

. . .

‘’So, Kaarasu, who was kind of the crazy one of the gang, he proposed we should try something new.’’

. . .

‘’I was not the most adventurous of all, even in my youth, so they said I should stay back home so I would not get hurt.’’

. . .

‘’Now, listeners. I did not ask how I could get hurt while going to get something to barbecue, because I did not really care. It was HOT out and I did not want to mess with my hair. Humidity, you know. ‘’

. . .

‘’Later, they came back with some meat and we ate it all together with baby tomatoes! It was sooo tasty my dears, I assure you!’’

. . .

‘’Well that’s the story of how I ate human meat, now it’s your turn! <3’’

He opened the calls and listened to some atrocious nonfiction. His microphone was off, during this time, so he could enjoy something to warm himself up. It would be whiskey, tonight.
He enjoyed listening to the tale of his lovely listeners. Having no family at all, he truly cared about them and would worry for them.
Sometimes, Nô would turn on his mic again to laugh at something that was not meant to be funny at all.
He was that kind of man.

‘’Those stories were just FABULOUS, honeys!’’

And he truly believed it.

‘’Now, to end tonight show, let get artistic. I’ll get one more call to listen to a poem of some sort. Be creative, darlings!’’

‘’H-Hum hi I’m…’’

Static noises covered his voices, making it impossible to hear his name.

‘’Hum… Here’s a poem I compose for y-you Nô!’’

The blond man smiled again: How cute.

‘’ Lost and lonely
Scared and confused
We’ve both been down
We’ve both been abused

We are together
Two birds of a feather
Don’t you see it too?
You belong to me, and I belong to you

I need you baby
Don’t you need me too?
Come on darling, don’t make me blue

I know you want me
So don’t pretend
That restraining order
Was meant to bend

Why would you ever call me a stalker
I’ll hunt you down in my walker

You are mine...’’

. . .

‘’Awww… Wasn’t that adorable, dear listeners?’’

He closed his eyes.

‘’But really, the restraining order is still active and I have a tazer.’’

He got up and scrambled his last cigarette in the ash tray.
Kotasu saw Akatsuki, who was back for his morning show, smiled, and waved.

‘’Dear listeners… I leave you with either Morpheus or Aka-Tan, now. Be nice! Or I’ll punish you fufu…’’

He turned off the microphone one last time for this show, adding to himself, before leaving the room.

‘’Can’t wait to be back, darlings…’’
Nô Kotasu
Nô Kotasu

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